The prices for our most commonly requested Will services are below. We offer package prices which are available via our main price list.


If you cannot see what you are looking for please do contact us as we will be able to help.







Basic Single Will

Basic Mirror

(both including any legacies, and where required trusts for minor children in which assets are kept until they become at least 18 years old or an age you can specify).




Safe storage of important documents in secure vaults, Certainty Will Registry service and Willscan safe storage of electronic copy of important documents. Cost per year:



ADDITIONAL WILL TRUSTS: Charges to be added onto the charge for a
basic Will.   



Right of Residence

A trust which allows a nominated beneficiary to live in a house, which he/she does not own, for a specified period but which gives no rights to the house nor its capital value.   



Life Interest Trust

A trust which passes a house, property or capital to a nominated beneficiary(ies) but which allows a third party to have the benefit of the house, property or income from the invested capital during their life.



Discretionary Trust

A trust which allows trustees to make decisions, in line with a letter of wishes, about who in a group of nominated beneficiaries (e.g. spouse or children) should receive funds, when and how much.



Disabled Discretionary Trust

A Discretionary Trust (as above) but drafted to protect the special interests of a disabled beneficiary. The trust is restricted in how it can be used but it enjoys favourable tax treatment.



Business & Agricultural Property Relief Trust

A trust to maximise the Inheritance Tax reliefs available for qualifying enterprises by placing assets into trust for the use of non-exempt beneficiaries.



Update to existing APS / Simply Legal Will

A re-write to encapsulate minor changes to an existing APS / Simply Legal Will (Note – this is not available where wholesale changes are required).



Letter of Wishes

A letter written by APS / Simply Legal intended to advise executors and / or trustees of the clients intentions in relation to management of trusts or disposal of estate. This is not legally binding



Urgent drafting fee

An additional fee where documents are needed as soon as is practical in circumstances such as upcoming holidays. This does not apply to clients suffering medical conditions.



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